GTM Server container config not displaying

Hello! I think this might be a GTM bug and not related to Stape but thought I’d ask.

When I create a manually provisioned server for purposes of setting up my Stape server, the “Container Config” is not displaying. I’ve tried from a few different Google accounts. See screenshot. It’s also showing, as you can see, that both radio buttons are selected. This happens on new container creation or when I go back to admin → Container Settings → Set up your tagging server. I was using latest version of Chrome (103.0.5060.134) and also tried in Safari in case it was browser related, but I don’t think that’s it.

I also cross-posted this to the GTM community forum and will follow up here if there is an answer there.

Yeah, it’s an important and reproducible bug inside the GTM interface.
It’s already been reported to Google.

Looks like they just pushed an update to fix this. Thanks for confirming!

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