is sending events to TT pixel

Hello, is playing with me and sends a lot of events to my TT pixel.

Events affected - ALL :slight_smile:
That’s why on Diagnostics I get Missing “content_id” parameter for every event - because of the events sent by appspot.

Here is an example for view content.

I tried to add a condition - if (‘’) == -1) - but the results are the same.

What could cause this


Hi Alin,
We also observe this problem on all pixels.
This problem appeared not so long ago and it seems to be related to problems on the TikTok side.
We have seen similar sources also on events that are sent only from the web.
We have also contacted TikTok to clarify these issues, but so far they have not been able to determine why this is happening.

Hi, @Alex and thanks for your reply.

TT support is acting like nothing is wrong :slight_smile: but I dont have many expectations from them tbh.

I am wondering if this issue could be solved if I switch from cHTML tag to their official tag template for web.
On your clients setup do you use cHTML or tag template?


No, we use their templating - it doesn’t affect the problem in any way :slight_smile:

Hello again, @Alex

This is a response from TT support.

"The event from is event triggered by Google Tag Manager itself. There could be three potential sources:

  1. Whenever client is testing GTM tags through GTM tools, those events will be triggered from appspot domain
  2. Google will routinely scan tag code to detect any malware, and it could trigger events from appspot domain
  3. For browser with JavaScript disabled, GTM will load pixel through an iFrame, and it could cause events from appspot domain instead of client’s actual domain

Overall, events from appspot domain is expected and it happens for other pixels installed through GTM as well."

Do you think that this can be helpful in order to find the problem?
Or is just a stupid and standard response from some level 1 TT support?

That’s all true what they answered, but as you can see even if you add a check on gtm-msr in url to the web snippet (the same check is in the TikTok server tag) - events with that domain still show up in the TikTok pixel.

Moreover, this check is in most tag
s and events from msr-appspot do not appear in any other platforms.

So I think it’s just a problem on the TikTok side which will be fixed sooner or later. It is not critical as according to my observation such events are quite few in percentage.

The real problem is that in my case the number of events sent by appspot is huge.
As you can see there are hundreds… so for me is not a minor problem :frowning: