Google Tag Manager - Server Debug - Page View

Hi everyone!

I have been following some tutorials on YouTube to setup the Conversion API.

I am using Stape with subdomain and custom loader, and the WordPress plugin.

When I try the GTM debug, all tags fired on the web (Pixel and Analytics), but on the server side, there is nothing. On the tutorial that I saw, it shows at least a pageview event.

Any ideas what can I check? I have all the tags, the GA4 client, the server_container_url, etc


I recommend checking the browser network to see if GA4 is actually being sent to the server container.

It often happens that the same GA4 that you use in GTM is working in parallel, for example through a plugin or some integration or just via inline gtag code. In this case you have to load gtag config twice. One with server_container_url and the second without. And because of this, all or part of the events may not be sent to the server url, but directly to

You can check the requests in the browser network, just enter your measurement ID in the filter and you will see all requests.

From your description it looks like this is the problem.

Hi Alex! Thank you for your answer!

Was a browser problem, with Chrome works fine. I was using Edge and Brave.