Google Tag Manager / Google Ads / Wordpress Guides == Confusing

Anyone else notice how the tutorials are inconsistent and they jump all over the place and make no sense?

I tried following the Setup Guide to Get Google Ads / GTM Setup using but it’s not laid out in a concise manner, and it jumps all over the place and leaves out a ton of things and doesn’t explain why to do what.

It’s so damn confusing. I would love to understand it, so I can write a FREE, straight to the point tutorial for the community that goes from A to Z and flows so everyone the dumbest, non-tech person can understand it.

Can someone help me out privately and then I’ll write a new tutorial for everyone which is easy to understand with screenshots?


Setting up tracking in your GTM/sGTM containers does not depend on whether you are using Stape hosting or any other hosting.

The tutorials on the Stape blog are provided for use by technical marketers who are experienced in tagging and tracking, so they are not step-by-step instructions.

You can use any other manual on the internet (there’s at least a dozen of them on every platform) and also use the official documentation: Google Ads conversions  |  Google Tag Manager - Server-side  |  Google for Developers.

But if you want to create an additional manual on some platform, I think Stape’s content team would be happy to do a review and publish it on the blog with a backlink if needed.

The guides on stape’s website are not consistent, meaning they are hard to follow. Making them consistent would bring more people to use stape as it would make it really easy for them to achieve their goals.

If you can let your content team know, that I would be happy to write a FREE guide with screenshots, that would be great. And share their contact info.


You can just create a ticket ( and send the article there for review when it’s ready