Google enhanced conversions when data only in server container

Hi, is there anyway i can do enhanced conversions if my user data only is avaible in the server container coming from a webhook?

Usually i setup enhanced conversions in a GA4 event from the web container to the server container, but i cant do that in in this instance because i only have the userdata in the server container with the webhook

@jeppe_Nielsen the only proper way to report to Google Ads off of webhooks is using Offline Conversions, in that tag, you can explicitly provide email/phone for EnhancedConversions

Ill check the tag out. Do you know i can implement consent on the webhook? i use the webhook for a Meta Tag as well. Normally in the server i use x-gagcs starts with G11 - But i cant do that with the webhook

@jeppe_Nielsen - If you find a solution would love to know about it – I have the same issue – picking offline purchase data up from webhook on server. Thanks.

The Stape : Google Ads Offline Conversion Tag looks great – but super complicated setup - I have not found of another way though right now.

You can pass consent data to your webhook’s payload. This can be anything custom like consent_status: true/false and check this data in a tag trigger that works based on this hit.

In the case of webhooks and Google ADS unfortunately there is no other option but to use offline conversions. And yes, unfortunately setting this up is quite a trickey especially if you are doing it for the first time.