Google Ads Enhanced Server

I’ve set up Google Ads Enhanced Conversions on the server with Stape. Conversions are coming in Google Ads, but the ‘diagnostic’ tab, which usually appears with Enhanced Conversions without the server, does not appear after 5 days.

Conversions are getting registered with the setup, so I assume the server-side setup is correct. However, I’m unsure if the user-provided data, which only contains the email, is passed through. In the screenshots, the FPGCLAW cookie and the ‘em=tv.1’ variable are present. Also, the email is visible.

But in the console, I get this error:

I followed up on the tip of @Dan to fire the config tag before the GA4 tag

Any ideas?

Try to get rid of tag sequencing, sometimes it causes unexpected behavior, so its better not to use it when possible.
And also try sending user-provided data variable as a standard ‘user_data’ event parameter in the GA4 Event tag

Thanks Vlad, for GA4, is is better to use ‘use_data’ in in the parameter instead the ‘include user provided data’ option?

I’d say the behavior when ‘user_data’ is an event parameter is more predictable. But I’m talking about Google Ads enhanced conversions. I’m not sure about an option if you want to report user data to GA4


  • Turned off the tag sequence
  • Brought the user-provided data to only the GA4 tag, under ‘user_data’ instead of the standard function.

Enhanced Conversions via server is activated now, thanks!

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