GDPR Consent with FB CAPI

Hi all,
how could I connect the FB CAPI to the GDPR Cookies Banner to make sure that the server receives the data only when the users approve the GDPR cookies banner?

With the normal web-side tracking I simply use the
fbq(‘consent’, ‘revoke’); in my PageView Tag
to make sure that I track the events only if the users click on “ACCEPT”

Obviously I replaced the “revoke” constant with a dynamic variable.

How could I implement a similar system for FB CAPI?
Should I use exactly the same system, adding the fbq(‘consent’, ‘revoke’) in my web-container to prevent that it sends any data to the server-container?

Thanks a lot!

It very depends on your setup.

But the main idea is create triggers for Data Tag (or depending on method you use) with checking your Consent variable.

For example:

ok, and the Data TAG (or the used TAG) is in the web-container, right?

Yes. That’s correct.

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