GCS on Consent Mode Server Side

By using GTM Server Side and sending the GCS parameter in the URL of the call, the GA4ss and GoogleAds tags automatically adapt based on the choices made by the user (110, 111, etc…) or in any case I have to read GCS parameter and block tags on rejection? or use the URL ( /anonymize ) in client GTM?

With the correct configuration Google tags automatically adapt based on the consent state - just make sure that your tags fire at the moment when consent state is already available, so that tags could read it properly. More details on the Google tags behaviour and consent is described here: Consent mode on websites and mobile apps - Analytics Help

Thank You Vlad.

I also have another doubt related to the same topic.

If I wanted to pass the GCS as a dimension in GA, then in the GA reports segmenting the traffic by the “GCS” dimension, what should I see?

Only GCS values ​​101 and 111 (those with analytics_storage allowed)?

The Identification in reports setting is: Combined.


I didn’t test it myself, but most likely yes - you would only see events where consent was granted.