Gclid on Hubspot not accurately tracked

Hello there !

We are trying to upload back our data from hubspot to google ads to get a clear vision on our ROAS.

The issue is that we noticed a difference in the number of conversions in google ads, and the number of leads with a gclid in Hubspot.

So we only have about 70% of our Hubspot leads with a gclid compared to the number of ggads conversions we really have.

What is the best way to solve that tracking issue Hubspot has ?

Is it a common issue or not really, perhaps we didn’t do things properly then ?

Thanks a lot for your help,


Hello Tom,

This is a very wide sort of question, but most likely your lack of gclids on Hubspot is at least somewhat tracking related. Also, what data do you compare it with, what’s your source of truth?