GA4 standard events, Custom events & Facebook Standard events


When I send Lead events to facebook through your Facebook Conversion API in my server container, its registered as a custom event. Is it possible to get it as a standard lead event? You say in your tutorial, that you are trying to match event names with standard facebook events. What do i need to name my event, so it is registered as a standard lead event in facebook?

Also, if i use GA4 standard event names, the lead never arrives in the facebook event testing tool, but if i use event names that i come up with myself, it will show up in the facebook event testing tool.

For example:
Event name: generate_lead (does not show up in testing tool)
Event name generate_lead_test (does show up in testing tool, but ofc as a custom event)

The pageview event shows perfectly, both from browser and server. the event name used for pageview is “page_view”, which is neither a google standard event nor facebook standard event, so im a little puzzled why that is working perfectly.

Server: Screen picture of my FCAPI tag.

Browser: Screen picture of my GA4 event tag

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I just got the following error message in facebook
Your server is sending an invalid fbp, ip_address parameters value for your Lead event. This may be because there was an error in the parameter value.

This may cause issues with the attribution and delivery optimization of ad campaigns that are using this event.

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For the last few weeks FB testing tool is working very badly and often displays events incorrectly or not displaying them at all (sometimes just reloading the page to display at least part of the events helps). So I wouldn’t rely on it too much yet.

Yes, you can replace event generate_lead which sends GA4 with standard Facebook event.
To do this, you need to create a separate FB tag on the server, in it specify overwriting the event to the right - Lead. And make a separate trigger on the server for this tag. Event name generate_lead, specify Client name equals GA4 in the addendum.
Thus, when the server receives the generate_lead event from GA4, a new tag will be triggered and will send to Facebook the event with the name you choose.

Thanks for the reply Alex.

I have actually tried to do this several times, but the standard event will never show up in FB testing tool, so i have no way of knowing if it works or not?
Reloading the testing tool page works when i dont see other events that i should, but this standard lead event sent from the server container never shows.

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I’m more focused on the preview mods in GTM. There you can also see which event was sent to Facebook with what parameters and make sure that Facebook accepted the event.

So if i’m getting the “accepted” response code, i think its code 200 or something, I can be sure that facebook accepted the event?

Yes, you can also open this event and see the details and response code

Okay, thanks for the help Alex, much appreciated.