GA4 server side only tracking 85% of purchases

Hi I have set up the server container following the guide, also set up a subdomain pointing to the Stape container and updated the tracking code on our site. But not all purchases are being recorded only around 85% of purchases are captured in GA4. is it normal for server side analytics to be this inaccurate?

I have tried changing the firing priority so that the config fires before the purchase event but this had no effect.

could there be other reasons that all purchases are not being tracked in GA4?

I have the same problem with my clients.

I couldn’t get any solution yet

I am trying to test webhook + firestore to collect all purchases.

I have been trying and I will post my test here when it’s done.


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Did you have any success with this @Ronny_Rangel?

Yes. I did. I set up a tracking with firestore, gtm servr side, webhook (post) e n8n

I got a 95% accuracy between GA4 and e-commerce plataform using this set up


It’s great to hear! I wonder about a few things:

  • How did you handle purchases without consent?
  • Do you have an issue with duplicated purchases?