GA4 receiving

Hello everyone,
i’m facing a weid situation and i can’t get the reson and as a conseguence can’t find the solution.

I’m passing from gtm web container events using ga4 events tag and configuration to server.
in the server container i have meta and ga4 tags that take the data from ga4 client.
For some events i’m sending user_data…i need to pass them to meta, but remove them for ga4 in order to be compliant to their standards.
I did add a transformation to the ga4 server tag stating to remove but i can still see it in the ga4 debug.
Checking the server debug, the ga4 tag sends a outgoing post request to that includes the excluded data in the string: b-cd-content_type=product&ep.x-fb-cd-content_ids=34320&

So it looks like the request is going directly to ga4 ignoring the transformation.
If i remove the user_data from events, i won’t be able to send them to meta capi, since it uses the ga4 client.

What am i missing?

In this case there is no need to use usually transformation, in the GA4 tag on the server you can just exclude some data from the event data parameters that are sent on the server.

Yep, tested that too but i still see meta parameters in ga4 debug.

I now managed to use datatag for any non-google product, so i’m fine…but i’d like to understand why excluded parameters are still appearing in ga4 debug.
I appreciate your response so far!

Perhaps you have another source where this data is sent from? Or for example, the requests are not going through the server container, but are sent directly to the analytics, so transformation and exceptions are not working.
I recommend checking in the browser network whether your requests go to the server or are sent directly to

I do see all events coming to server side in preview mode and got send to server in my google configuration tag. I now switched to data tag and data client in order to send this info hashed to meta and removed them from ga4… so issue is solved. I will dig better into it