GA4 events to FB Capi - how to eliminate double events?

Hi there!
I’m new to the server side tracking, so excuse me in advance for my questions.

Previously (with web GTM) i was tracking convertions via custom GA4 events, for example: click_maps, click_tel, click_mail ect ect.
To get those custom GA4 events to be converted in Meta Pixel i used a custom script code triggered by clicking the relative link; in example when clicking the phone link the conversion tag code would be triggered

  fbq('track', 'Contact');

Resulting in a conversion for Meta Pixel.
Now with server side tracking I’m not using those script codes anymore and only the custom GA4 events that would be sent to the server Container, using the Stape Meta CAPI Tag.
This process works as a charm and on the FB events debugger i correctly see the custom GA4 events, as “custom event”.
The problem is that those aren’t tracked as conversions in Facebook.
To solve this “problem” on the server container I created some new Fb Conversion API tags, with custom settings.
In example for the convertion of Telephone and Mail I’ve set a new Fb CAPI Tag, with “Event Name Setup Method” set as “Override” → Event type Standard “Contact” and triggered when Event Name has click_mail or click_tel.
Again this works perfectly, because in the Fb debugger i can see the “Contact” standard event, but also the custom event click_mail / click_tel.
So, how can i remove these custom events from being sent to Meta?
Is there a better way to gain my achievements?
Also why are PageView events seen as custom events in the FB debugger? (on GA4 it isn’t set as a custom event, so shouldn’t it be converted to the correct conversion?)

Thank you very much for the patience!