GA4 custom events not seen on server-side debug (example)


Any idea about the cause for the below situation?

GA4 custom events (web) are not shown in server-side debug (example).
It only shows page_view, but this page_view is in the web-version another event, for instance conversion_1.

In the web-debug view I see the custom-event fired with the right event_name. In GA4 itself I see the custom event coming through, so it looks like the custom_event is passed from client to server and from server to GA4?

Any documention about how to make GA4 custom events work with ServerSide Google Tag Manager?


On the web GA4 tag I disabled the “Send a page view event when this configuration loads
false”, so now not everythng is a page_view, but user_engagement on server-side. No custom_event?

Can we have a screenshot of your custom event tag?

Thanks dan. see below

I only created that custom_event_tag on the web-version.

I assume Ga4Tag is Configuration tag with transport_url, correct?

If so, then your problem is likely that your tag fires before Config, as such it fires directly to analytics, not to server container, hence you don’t see it in preview

Correct, see attachment

Hmm, the event uses GA4Tag and I read that it then uses servercontainer-URl because that is configured in the GA4Tag???

Yes, but if your Config didn’t succesfully fire BEFORE the custom event tag - that transport URL wouldn’t be picked-up. Try tag sequencing

Thanks for your help @Dan will do.

Tag sequencing helped