Flodded by _set_cookie events

Hello, after implementing Facebook Conversion API via sGTM I am seeing a huge number of _set_cookie events.

gtmeec & _fbp is being set on every event (page_view, view_item etc.) so one product page generates at least 4 requests (1x page_view, 1x view_item, 2x _set_cookie)

Is this normal?


hey @martinb if you fire non-Google tags off of GA4 Client claimed requests, those tags will sometimes lake longer then GA4 normally wants, so it will generate those _set_cookie events (by sending specific responses back to the browser, which then generate additional events) while waiting for those other tags to fire and receive responses.

basically, yes, that is quite alright

Thanks @Dan

Is there a way to speed up those tags and save up on requests quota?

You could try ticking ‘Use Optimistic Scenario’ on tags that do have it (that would be our FB/Tiktok/Snap etc. template), but that would only be part of the trick. You ultimately don’t have direct levers over whether GA4 will decide to generate this cookie event or not, so you can try what I described above but you shouldn’t expect it to eliminate those extra events, if it reduces them somewhat - that would already be a good result in the circumstance.

P.s. “Optimistic scenario” means tag will return 200 immediately, before actually receiving a response from the destination. This should play into situation I described to you originally and in at least some cases make it so that _set_cookie won’t be prompted.

Thanks you for your insights Dan.

Could using Data Tag/Data Client help?

Much appreciated.

For sure. Data tag & Data client do not use _set_cookie or similar mechanisms.