First time with Server side

So please do not kill me!
I already have a web GTM container with GA and GA4 tags and enhanced ecommerce (wordpress) tracked. Do I need to open a new GA and GA4 properties to implement server side?
thank you

Hi, no you don’t - you can (and proabably should) report to same properties.

Hi Dan, thank you very much. But isn’t there the risk to have double pageviews, hit, event?
thank you

not you if you handle everything correctly, I suggest you comb through our blog and get some ideas on how this whole thing works :slight_smile:

in essence: you web container will have to report to your server container instead of to those properties directly, and then the server in turn will send all the stuff to properties.

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thank you. I followed this guide How to add Google Analytics and Facebook pixels to WordPress using Google Tag Manager server-side container (WordPress plugin) - Stape, I also dowloaded the GTM server template from my stape account. But it seems not to work, the server UA tag does not fire…can you suggest something else to follow? Post, article…whatever. Thank you!

try this for starters