First party data with Global Stape CDN

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I’m trying to set up first party data for my Shopify webshop. I did receive tags on my server side container, but I couldn’t see user data overthere, neither in the logs in Stape when I make a payment. I expect I should be able to see this kind of data in stape logging? I was looking at some how-to manuals from to configure this. I came on the manual from the below link:

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There they describe that when Shopify manages your domain, which they do, you can not enter an A and AAAA name with the same name. So they made a checkbox to enter 2 CNAME’s. I did enter 2 CNAME records named: tagging and load.tagging. But since I made this change, I don’t see that the tags are pushed/fired on my web side container and thus neither on my server side container. The container is verified in Can anyone please help me out with this? See my settings below:

Please let me know if you need more information.

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