Firestore Lookup Variable & Supabase Restore Variable

I was checking the Github repo. I do see that for Stape Store, there are 3 tags:

  • Writer tag
  • Lookup variable
  • Restore variable

However, for the Firestore implementation, I am missing this one:

  • Lookup variable

and for the Supabase implementation, I am missing this one:

  • Restore variable

Is a Lookup variable the same as a Restore variable? Not really sure about the differences.

Also, I am missing the following Variables in the GTM Template Gallery:

  • Firestore lookup is a native variable in sGTM

for anything you consider missing you can do a feature request at

Ok, feature added: Missing variables for Stape Store, Firestore & Supabase · Stape

So the variable that’s missing is the Supabase (Restore) variable. That one I was not able to find it.