Firebase Read / Write by Stape

Hi again,

it’s making me crazy but i dont get it to work.

For example

When there is no cid, writer should write the client id
When there is a cid, of course nothing

For example there are two requests incoming

  1. page_view (no cid is in firebase → so write)
  2. view_item (cid should be in firebase → dont write)

But there is often a small delay in firebase write and read so that it would be written 2 times (i know its a bad example but i hope it shows what i mean)

Is there any possibility to get that to work so that it writes faster ? location is the same as my stape container.

I startet again and now its working. Dont know what i made wrong before. I believe it had something to do that at some write operations transformations where added. now i made these transformations excklusive to some type of tags. maybe that was the mistake