Fbc & fbq recolted

Hello everyone,

We recently implemented a FB CAPI server-side tracking for a client.

In the GA4 configuration tag, we have added the collection of fbc and fbp cookies as advised for the deduplication of FB events.

Regarding privacy/legal matters, I wanted to know if these are indeed 2 new cookies we are collecting due to the implementation of server-side tracking? Or were we already collecting these 2 cookies automatically before, and therefore, we don’t need to declare the collection of these 2 cookies?

Also, is there anything we need to declare ?

Thank you very much.

Hello @Hugo_webflow

  1. You don’t have to explicitly add ‘collection’ of those cookies, server container reads them from HTTP headers of incoming request.

1.1. You also don’t need to explicitly send them because server-side FB tags will pick them up automatically (see item 1)

  1. _fbc and _fbp are not new cookies, client-side FB pixel sets and uses the same cooke names.