FB test tool shows server event, when published not anymore

For a Shopify customer, I don’t seem to get the server events in even after the FB test seemed to be successful.

This customer uses a combination of Webflow and Shopify: The visitor starts on a webflow website, it gets a unique number in the URL that get’s passed to the Shopify checkout page: https://shopify.bookish.es/65427505383/checkouts/e7bf63294fcde8c679b55e5dd1702a4b

When doing the test, all is fine, when I publish and wait a couple of days, the server events are not reported by FB (the server events you see in the picture were coming from the FB Shopify app)

I’m doing this setup quite often and using Stape Data Tag and Data client, but I doesn’t seem to get it working. Any ideas?

Enable logs in your FB tag, check those in your Stape account to see if:

a) triggering event actually reaches server container
b) there are any errors when FB attempts to send a hit

Logs are only visible during the test, all others are not popping up here

Any ideas? Server events seems not to be received when not using the FB test tool.

Can it be a problem that the tagging server is named ss.domain.com and the checkout is hosted on shopify.domain.com?


I analyzed the logs in stape after activating ‘all logs’ in Stape Conversion API tag in sGTM.


  • Requests received in Access Logs, see attachment (1st picture)
  • Requests in Request and Response tab only visible when the FB test ID is available in sGTM (2nd picture)

Browser events are received by FB events, server events not received when not test id is available.

^ Needs to be ‘always log’. That’s why you’re only seeing logged hits for what you do in preview (debug) mode i.e. with test id.

Like this right @Dan

It was activated 2 days ago…

@Dan any help would be appreciated, thanks!

@Michel_Brok I just checked your logs, and there’s plenty of events w/o test id…so, is there still some sort of problem that you have? If so, please elaborate