FB Event Page View not always fired

from my Web container I send a GA Page View Event (on all pages) and a GA View Content Event (on specific pages).

Everything works fine and I use those two events to send data to FB via server.

In fact, I created two new TAGs in my Server side container

My FB TAG Page View is triggered in all pages views. Instead the FB TAG View Content is fired only on specific pages (where I fire the View Content TAG).

But why, when the View Content TAG is fired, the View Page TAG is NOT fired as well?

I would expect that the Page View TAG is always fired along with the View Content TAG for those specific pages.


The behavior that you described is correct, I do not see any issues on the screenshots. If you page_view and view_content events in GA on the same page, GA will send two requests (separate requests for each event).

As a result, you will see two requests for the same page in the server GTM. FB CAPI page_view tag should trigger on page_view request, and FB CAPI view_content should trigger on view_content.

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