FB CAPIG - Browser Event ID doesn't match with server Event ID

I have been chosen to tray option with Facebook Conversion API Gateway + Stape server. It’s so easy to implement and I’m loving it. However, I noticed that the event id doesn’t match and there is no deduplication when I test events.

Does anyone have similar errors?

Also, there are very strange Event ID name like “ob3_plugin-set_b084b945c0a698add81bd31a0feaded5b0f7b8993d7ae91851815181f111bbe8” is this ok?

That’s an uncommon error. Look like some other plugin/platform sending CAPI events besides FB CAPI GW.
Are you sure you do not use any other service/plugin that can send CAPI events?
What CMS do you use?

I’m also getting this error on all the accounts I’ve set up CAPI with. I’m on WordPress and only use Google Tag Manager to send CAPI events & browser/client side events. Any idea what could be causing the issue?

This topic is about FB CAPI Gateway.

If you use sGTM for sending CAPI events and have an issue with fbp then you should check the logs. Inside logs, you will see fbp values and will be able to understand what goes wrong.