FB CAPI - Server Sending Invalid Browser ID (fbp) Parameter

Dear Stape Community,

I have implemented the CAPI via your Facebook Conversion API template.

In the Facebook Event Manager I get the following error for the Page View event:

Server Sending Invalid Browser ID (fbp) Parameter:

Which leads to a low fbp overlap rate:

Checking incoming requests on the server:

and outgoing requests:

The _fbp cookie is identical and well formatted as per Facebook documentation:

Incoming HTTP Request:

_fbp = fb.1.1653374326857.986805324

Outgoing HTTP Request:

“fbp”: “fb.1.1653374326857.986805324”

Maybe except that the underscore is missing before fbp in the outgoing request, I don’t know if it helps.

On the following site:

it is reported:

The root cause is your server sending missing or invalid data. It’s probably caused by bots triggering the pixel, where the script can’t correctly identify fbp, ip_address, user_agent values.
Moreover, before customers add their information, it is hard to detect and get their data, so some fields will be missing.
It’s marginal with beginning events such as page view, view content, add to cart, and you can ignore them.
But be careful if it has a warning at the purchase event because that will affect your ads report later.

On the following:

the same:

This error can be triggered by a very limited number of events when the script can’t identify correctly some of the required data keys. We are still trying to understand when and why this issue happens. One hypothesis is that the events are triggered by a web crawler, not a real user.

Therefore I am wondering if there is a solution to this problem or should I give it up as it is just a crawler problem?

A thousand thanks.

From your screenshots, for me, all looks good.
I would recommend leaving all as is.

But if you want try to block bots, I can recommend test this solution reCAPTCHA v3 With Google Tag Manager Server-side Tagging | Simo Ahava's blog

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