Facebook login id

In the Facebook Event page, FB start pushing the ‘login id’.

I’m using DataTags & FB tags, sending the external customer id already. Is the Facebook login ID different? And how to send it because in the predefined customer parameters there is no Facebook Login ID in both tags

Hi @Michel_Brok

  1. Yes, those are different things Paramètres d’informations client·e - API Conversions - Documentation - Meta for Developers

  2. in Data Tag you can pass it as any parameter you want, that’s the beauty of DT :slight_smile:

  3. In FB server template, under user data there is ‘FB Login ID’ field in the dropdown, the field is not available in the web template, but it would be enough to send it from the server. If you strictly want it on the web too, you can use HTML Pixel code to add it

Thanks @Dan !

Would this be sufficient:

no, it wouldn’t be:

a) do you even have that data point and are you sending it from the web?
b) you’ve populated a field (your screenshot) with a hard-coded string

Thanks @Dan, I had the impressions FB sends the login id together with the event is available, probably what FB wants is kind of an SSO where login id can send to FB, is that correct?

I think this is avail for offline conversion and app conversion and not standard website conversions.

FB login id is a parameter that is returned by FB if you have ‘Login with Facebook’ functionality.

So practically you don’t have it in most cases.