Facebook Conversion API using webhooks

I am using a third party tool for forms. That form is integrated in an iframe on the site. I have created a webhook in the tool, so when the form is submitted, the webhook can send data along with user submission details to the Stape’s server URL as mentioned in this guide - Send data from CRM to Facebook conversion API using webhooks - Stape.

I wanted to understand, if we are sending form submission information to Stape through a webhook, how will Facebook know that this is coming from an ad? For instance, browser to server events the FBC and FBP event data is transferred to the server along with the event ID, so Facebook will know that this particular event came from a Facebook Ad. How does attribution works for webhooks?

Thanks, Arif

You need to send the _fbc cookie value in the webhook for attribution to work, otherwise it will minimally work based on the user data you send (if you send it with the event of course).

Thanks, @Alex . How can we send _fbc cookie value form the tool? Do we need to capture the _FBC value from the cookie and pass it in the hidden field on the form, so that we can send that information to Stape? Or this will be handled on the server container.

I am only sending these values:
Event ID
First Name
Last Name
Mobile No

Is there any alternative way?

It depends on how your tool can take it in and communicate it. Usually the easiest way is to add a _fbc value to a hidden form field - so this data goes into CRM and is then available in the webhook. But it totally depends on your tool that you use for forms.
Also, note that you will need to pass the _fbc value from the parent window to the iframe for this to work correctly.
Iframes are always complicated :slight_smile:

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