Events are not sent in gtm server container

Please help me.
Site created on Tilda
For some reason it does not send events to the gtm server. But when I enable preview mode in the web container, then everything works. What could be the problem ?

Look like you didn’t publish your GTM Web container. Also please check that you published all changes on the server container too.

As you can see on the left screenshot events send to a custom domain (your GTM SS instance) and without to the google analytics domain.

Thank you.

I turned out that when the GTM container is loaded on the site and after it the GA, events are not sent to our gtm-server container (this can be seen in the picture on the right).

Could you tell me that in order to send a container to our gtm server, the GA code needs to be removed from the site? It seems to override transport_url and no events are sent to gtm-server.

We always recommend moving all your tracking pixels to the GTM Web container first. And only then configure server-side GTM.

If you don’t want to move GA pixel you can update it according to official documentation and leave it in the code Send data to server-side Google Tag Manager