Event received from Server don't have Event ID

When I use preview mode in GTM server and click a link my site, inside “test events” in Facebook
the event ID’s from the partner integration received from the browser and those sent from the server both match. However, when I am not in preview mode, the event ID sent from the partner integration shows up, but there is no event ID from the server. It says “deduplicated” next to the event, but it still has me concerned, because the server pageview isn’t combined with the browser pageview event the same way it is when I’m in preview mode.

Is this a problem, and if so, how can I troubleshoot it?

Also, if you use screenshots to show me, please explain how you got to those places in GTM. I’m very new to GTM and half of my problem is screenshots showing tags or variables and I have a hard time finding what I’m seeing. If you could give a little extra help in how to get to these places, that would help immensely.

I set this up following the video tutorial where I imported containers using this video: Facebook conversion API for Shopify - YouTube



Facebook test ID should be used for testing server FB events. We do not recommend using FB test ID on the production environment since, in some cases, FB might think that events you send with the test ID are just for testing and might not count towards your actual events.

Another essential thing to consider is that the behavior of the FB test ID depends on how you add it to your sGTM container. For example, if you set up FB test ID like it’s described here, FB test ID won’t be used in the production enviourmtnetm

This solved my issue, it was the FB test ID, I was using the one that was in the container stape had set up, and sure enough the lookup table only had it firing during debug mode. Thank you Ira for your help!