Event_id not send trough

Setup FB conversion APi with Data Tags.

In FB testing tool, purchase events keep duplicating because event_id but currency and value are not coming through.

Event ID visible in server-side event data.

Any idea?

your screenshots don’t show FB tag, can you please share?

if you’re relying on automatic mapping from event data, then key should be event_id not Event_id

thanks Dan

FB screen tag

event_id comes trough now in data tag with event_id instead of Event_id, only still not deduplicated

@Michel_Brok that is a test-tool bug, that thing is very (I can’t stress this enough) unreliable.

if you’re sending same same event_name + event_id pairs (which you do judging from the screenshot) everything will be deduplicated.

thanks @Dan, yeah I saw it indeed but wanted to check to be sure