Error NS_BINDING_ABORTED, events are not send

Hello. Please help me understand.
I send events with data-tag and data-client via POST requests. But for some reason I get NS_BINDING_ABORTED error and the event is not sent.
This is happening in mozilla 90.0 (64 bit) for PC.
Is there any way to solve this ?
For example, see in this video

But when I remove the redirect after purchase, it works for firefox.

It is not detected in chrome.
Thanks in advance.

That’s happening in cases when the request has not finished running, but you changed the current URL. In this case request to GTM SS was aborted and that’s why you didn’t get it.
This also happens in other browsers. Chrome uses the same approach.

To fix this for sure, send purchase event from thank you page, but you need, in this case, user data parameters there. Another option that you can use is delaying somehow redirecting to thank you page, but in this case, the request still cannot be finished.

Thank you @Denis
Yes, exactly, tested the variant without redirection, in this case the event is sent, no error.
So for a “purchase” event, the ideal option is to give up redirection ?

I thinks this is the easiest option.

ok, thank you @Denis for your time

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