Enhanced Ecommerce tracking suddenly stopped Working

Hi, I have a WordPress site and a WooCommerce store. I had setup enhanced conversion tracking for my site back in November 2023 in GTM using the GTM4WP plugin. Everything was working perfectly fine until last week. Starting from February 26 in GA4, I don’t see revenue data. After investigating further, I learned every dataLayer event up to purchase is there, but only the purchase event is not there.
The strange thing is that the same setup was working correctly, and now in the monetization reports of GA4, I see every event, i.e., Add to Cart, Begin Checkout, but Purchase.
My site isn’t going through any changes, and I don’t know how to make this work again because all my Google and Facebook ads use purchase conversion.
I don’t have backend expertise, but after reading some queries similar to what I have in hand, I think it can happen if the versions of the WooCommerce and GTM4WP plugins’ data points don’t line up.
But I don’t want to take any step further without a second opinion, so I came here and am hoping to get some advice here.
Is there a way I can overcome this? I am ready to use any alternate plugin or solution (even if that’s paid), but I need to ensure that it will push all the dataLayer events so I can have all the events up and running again.
Thank you in advance.

Hi, it’s hard to say what can be the reason, you just need to try different approaches. Try installing Stape plugin for WP, it’s free and maybe it will fix your issue with purchase

Thank You for the support and clarification!
I will switch my plugin then.