Enhanced conversion email problem

Hi, so im getting this error in Google, but when i look in the payload you can clearly see that the email is sent to google and its hashed. Email is also lowercased as you can see in datalayer checker.

Anyone know what could go wrong?


Hi, are you sure it is SHA256 hash? it seems to me it’s something different

ahh i need to that first? my understanding was that Google would do that automatically?

Do you know how i can hash the data first?

Google may also hash the data for you, it depends on your tracking implementation. And make sure that the user data is actually available at the moment the conversion event is being reported. Different methods of passing the user data for enhanced conversions are described in this article.

im trying with simo’s sha256 variable to see if it works

If you are sending user_data parameter in your GA4 tag and use native User-Provided Data variable - then Google Ads tag in sGTM will parse event data and hash it automatically before sending to Google, you do not need to do anything additionally.

This is my setup:

I just dont understand why im getting the “incorrectly format” error in G ads… email is lowercased as well
Is it because its not from the Google Tag itself i send the data to the server, but a GA4 event that i need to manually hash?

instead of using checkbox, try sending event parameter ‘user_data’ with the User-Provided Data variable - that should work and no additional actions will be needed

ill try that and see if it fixes the error in G ads

It didnt work, so now im trying to hash it manually with SHA256 variable…

It should work, maybe your UI has not been updated yet, that may sometimes take several days.
So I’d suggest to leave it as it for some more time, and experiment with a new conversion action then.