E-commerce status "on Hold"

I can see that the orders that are “on hold” on woocommerce are counting on Facebook ads, google ads … as a conversion. This is not right since an order can be on hold and not payed. The same thing occurs when a order is complete and for some reason has to be refunded. How can I configure this to only count orders that are complete and that are not refunded?

I assume that this applies to orders that are placed for example with payment via bank transfer and in the end have not been paid.

The only way to do this is to set up webhooks for such orders.

That is, orders with confirmed payment can be tracked as normal, but if the order is unpaid, it should not be tracked in this way.
Instead, you need to have your developers make a webhook that will contain the click ids of the marketing platforms you use + order data + user data and this will be sent to your server container.