E-commerce events not tracked on WooCommerce store


I have setup server side tracking with Google Tag Manager and the official WooCommerce Stape.io plugin and followed the documentation.

The pageviews are registered in Google Analytics, but all events as add_to_cart and purchase are not sent to Google Analytics.

When debugging the client container in Google Tag Manager, the add_to_cart event is registered, but the Google Analytics tag is not fired, as the ‘_event’ variable is not equal to gtm.js (se screenshot below)


What seems to be the problem?

The plugin you installed has provided you with a dataLayer pushing the events you are looking for, the configuration of tags within GTM to utilize that dataLayer is on you an can not be handled by the plugin.

some supporting info for you: How to Set Up GA4 Tracking Using GTM Server-Side Container - Stape

Hi Dan,

My goal is to get the e-commerce events into Google Analytics, but as of now they do not seem to go further than Google Tag Manager.

I tried following the guides from Stape but i am unsure if i did something wrong here, or if the problem is somewhere else.

Especially the “firing trigger” - is not normal for it to not fire because the event name is not equal to “gtm.js” ?

Hi, your screenshot only shows a configuration tag that is supposed to fire on all pages (container loaded = gtm.js). I doesn’t look like you have at least one GA4 Event tag that would either have mapped data or read the dataLayer.

Everything you’re describing is normal, and is a result of lack of properly implemented tags in your GTM. Again, you need events tags firing on appropriate triggers, judging by the screenshots - you don’t have that.