Duplicated Purchase Event and

Dear all,

Currently, I am facing two major problems that are negatively impacting the performance of our advertising campaigns.

The first problem is the repetition of purchase events. For example, as shown in Image 1, there are 12 purchase events recorded, but I have only received 6 actual purchases.

The second problem relates to the poor quality of event matching. The accuracy of matching purchase events is extremely low, as illustrated in Image 2.

During a call with a technical support expert from the Facebook platform, I was informed that the issue lies with your end. I kindly request your assistance and prompt resolution of these problems.

Thank you,

Osama Sa
email : mutafasila@gmail.com

Hi Osama,

Your first problem is not a problem :slight_smile:
Facebook shows the total number of events that have been received. Because you have web events and server events configured in the screenshot, for every one real event you have one web event + one server event sent, which are eventually deduplicated.
If you click on your event in the FB Events manager, you will see details about it:

The second problem is Match quality. It only depends on the amount of user data you pass along with the event. On a purchase event, the user usually lists their data (first name, last name, email, etc.) - you need to add these to your tagging setup so they are passed along with the event and then match quality will be higher.
You can find the full list of user data that can be sent to Facebook and its requirements here: Paramètres - API Conversions - Documentation - Meta for Developers
One point is that you don’t need to hash the data, the Facebook tag will do this automatically.

Dear.Alex ;

Thank you for your reply

my store at lightfunnel ( https://www.mutafasila.shop )

I have sent you the website address.

Could you please help me improve the quality of event matching? I have already activated the parameters through API Facebook