Double page_view events with ad_storage = granted

When I accept marketing consent (ad_storage = granted) via the CMP cookie bar, in the GTM server-side debug I see two “page_view” events fired - both shouldn’t be there: please see this short video.

I’ve tested two different CMPs (iubenda and Cookiebot) and the same happens with both - in the CMP settings I’m sure I’ve disabled the option to reload the page after accepting consent.

I can’t understand why this happens. Any idea? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

It would definitely help you to also run a web container preview and see when GA4 tags are triggered in that case. Most likely this happens on multiple triggers or a trigger on a page is working twice.
If necessary, you can use the once per page setting in the web tag.

Hi Alex, thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

I had checked what was happening in the client-side container: nothing was happening, because the two page_views always come only server-side.

Today I read this article by Simo Ahava:

When ad_storage is updated to granted, then the GA4 data stream automatically re-sends the page_view hit to the Server container, and any other event that has been flagged as a conversion in the GA4 UI.
If any of these events were configured to trigger the server-side Remarketing Tag, the end result is that the Remarketing Tag automatically fires again, it sends the signal to the browser, and then the browser sends the request to

If what Simo wrote is true (and I don’t doubt it), however, I still don’t understand why server-side receives two “page_views” instead of just one.

If anyone knows, please come forward :-))