Does Stape use a custom GTM.js file to circumvent adblockers?

I had previously setup server side tagging myself, proxied the requests to a custom sub-domain. However, I still had problems with uBlock Origin detecting “/gtag” in the GA4 Request URL. After switching to Stape, I noticed that this string was removed from the URL and does a great job of solving this problem.

Out of curiosity, I started looking into how. As far as I can tell, it seems like they use a much older (v1) customized version of GTM.js. After unminifying the JS and comparing it to the file pulled directly from, I noticed the latest version is v6 and has a number of code differences.

Assuming that is the case, is there any concern with using such an old version of GTM.js? Everything I’ve read says that hosting this file locally instead of pulling from Google is bad practice.


Let’s say we do a lot of “magic” to make gtm/gtag/analytic js files not be blocked by any known adblocker or browser. The same relates to cookie restrictions.

We do not store any js files. Maybe only if you use CDN, then files can be cached for 5 minutes.
If we would store any gtm.js files, then the changes that you make would not apply to it. So that’s why it all happens in real-time with super speed.
You should also see a big difference between GCP and Stape in terms of file serving speed, especially with CDN.