Does sGTM Gads Conversion Tracking tag work with webhooks?

Hi, I have set up the Google Ads Conversion tracking tag in sGTM to fire when receiving an incoming webhook, without using any Clients.

When I sent a test webhook with the preview mode of sGTM, the test seems to do okay. The only thing I can notice is that the outgoing request to Google returns a 302 code, but everything else seems okay.

However, I’m not getting any conversions in my Google Ads dashboard.

I have the Conversion Linker tag triggered on All pages, and Meta and TikTok Stape’s tags are being triggered and received correctly by their respective ads platforms.

Any ideas?

Maybe this tag is only intended to be used through the GA4 Client, and just doesn’t work with webhooks?

If this was the case, should I use Stape’s Google Ads Offline Conversions tag then?

You can’t use the standard Google ADS tag for webhook-based work.
In general, this is because Google ADS works in a hybrid method and some of the hits go through the browser, which is not possible in the case of webhooks.
To send conversions via webhooks, the only way is to use Google ADS offline conversion tag.
Here is a general article about it: Google Ads offline conversion tracking using server GTM - Stape

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@Alex, could you specify what is needed for the Google Ads tag to work properly? Is it only the cookie values? Is it possible to achieve this if we pass the required values along with the consent via webhook?

@DigitalPartner see Alex’s answer above, the problem is not only in formatting and cookies, the server side Google Ads tag is built and relies a lot on also sending pixel hits from the originating browser in response to gtag events. And that is something you will not be able to replicate with webhooks.

The best approach for reporting to Google ADS off of webhooks is using Offline Conversions.