Difference between Stape Wordpress Plugin and GTM4WP?

Whats the differences between Stape Wordpress Plugin and GTM4WP, and whats best practice?
Should I only use Stape, or is there any instances or situations where I should use both?

GTM4WP has much more functionality in terms of data layer, event configuration, its options, etc.
In Stape plugin only stanadart ecommerce dataLayer events are available.

Usually if you need more than standard ecommerce events - you can use GTM4WP, and in Stape plugin just use ‘Update GTM snippet’ checkbox - in this case it will update GTM snippet that is added via GTM4WP with changes to your subdomain, custom loader and other options that you activate.

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I know (from Dan) that the plugin is not one of your priorities, but I think (if my opinion is allowed) that in the near future you should improve it and be at least at the level of GTM4WP.

Personally I switched from GTM4WP to Stape’s plugin because GTM4WP had some console errors that I couldn’t get rid off.

Let me put it this way.
We need a very good data layer option in order to have a very good tracking solution.

Let me give just an exemple - right now there is no option for brand tracking. We don’t know (looking at the data) what brand has the most sales.

So, if you need at some point a beta tester for improving the plugin, ping me. :slight_smile:


Hey Alin,

Yes, if you have a vision of what is currently missing in the WP plugin Stape for ecommerce tracking - it would be great to get that, I can add it to our devs backlog

@Alex I am not an expert, in case you think that :slight_smile:
But I would start with what already have GTM4WP and I would try to replicate this as a first step.
As I said, just as an example, right now there is no info in datalayer regarding BRAND.
So this is quite important info to look at.

We see no point in duplicating the functionality of an existing plugin at this time.

At the moment the main purpose of the Stape plugin is to use custom loader and cookie keeper. Data layer and Webhooks are minimal in their functionality to cover the needs of 80% of WP ecommerce, but in case of need nothing prevents to use another plugin for DL or WH, or use custom data layer pushes.

Good point with item_brand though, I’ve passed that on to backlog.

Thanks, @Alex for your response.

So, do you think would be a good idea to use Stape plugin for custom loader and cookie keeper (but I think I had these already enabled/activated even before stape launched the plugin) and deactivate data layer so I can use data layer from GTM4WP?

Completely, I don’t see any problem with this approach

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