Dedupliation in GA Server side traking

I have a short (hopefully not stupid) question.

Following your instructions, I created a deduplication FB event in GTM.

Do I need to do the same to avoid deduplication also on GA server tracking?
If not, why deduplication is not an issue for GA?


Hello, you do not need to set up deduplication in GA because server-side GA sends requests only from the server.

While if you choose a hybrid approach for Facebook (share the same events from both the browser and the server), then deduplication is required. Redirecting...

You may choose to use only server tracking on FB, then you won’t need to set up deduplication.

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Sorry Ira I marked your answer as “solution” too quickly, because then more doubts came in.

When I create a UA tag in my Web container (type Event), as in the image below, is this not an event from the browser?

I can then go to GA and check how many times my event was fired.

But again, are not all 813 events coming from the browser?

If then I create a UA tag in my SERVER container, which I trigger every time Event name = view_content

am I not now sending the same event from the server?

Therefore I would have the same event sent from the browser and the server.
Am I wrong?
Thanks again

I close the topic becasue I found the solution.
I was wrong. When I create a TAG in the WEB side container I send the hit only to the server and not to Google Analytics.
Therefore there is no risk of duplication