DataTag Question. Array .... but object in request url

Sorry for so much questions at the moment. i really try a lot my self but there is one thing i dont get.

I have an array sent with data tag to server container

In the screenshot you can see it how he variable looks in server container
and on event data too

Now i try to send that but in the request i only see “object, object” again …

How can i send that data without object, object ?

Thank you so much!!!

Yes, GA4 does not pass arrays, any except items. To make it work, you can do JSON.stringify for such an array from the web container, so it will be passing in string format and then to get array on server container do JSON.parse via a custom variable

Hi Alex,
thank you. That with stringify i have already since yesterday but what makes me headache is how to do json.parse in server container because there isnt a variable where i can do java or so like in the webcontainer … ?

You need to create a custom variable for this, I don’t think the gallery has one.

Okay, thank you much. Really appreciae your help for this until here. I will have a look how to do this. Thanks