DataLayer.push not working on checkout page

Hi all,

we are using Server GTM app for Shopify but we are facing the problem that the DataLayer.push is not active on checkout page.

Do you know this problem and do you have the solution for it?

Kind regards,
Melvin and team at Kapwa Marketing

Hi, if you’ve switched your checkout to the new Shopify checkout extensibility - the current version of Stape app will not be generating checkout events. There are limitations on Shopify side and we are working on an alternative solution, since GTM cannot be loaded as part of pixel applications (but you can still load it manually as a custom web pixel).

Are the webhooks still working for the app to send purchase events? About over a week ago the purchase_stape event was still sending but now it has stopped working for us and we are using webhooks.

If you have switched to the new Shopify thank you page extensibility - Stape app will not be sending purchase events. Current version of the app does not support new extensibility for checkout, nor for thank_you page

@Vlad_Kononov has this changed? Becuase in the Stape app you can select if you are using checkout extensibility and there is a code that needs to be pasted in the customer event

Yes, Stape released a new version of Shopify app that works with checkout extensibility and the blog post has been updated to briefly describe the nuances