Data Tag: Tags not sending data

Hey guys,

I have installed the stape data tag user and server-side. It sends pageview data and it also triggers tags (universal analytics, analytics 4, facebook api). But when I look into analytics and facebook pageviews do not appear. As trigger I have selected Data Tag client, and it fires as it should.

What could cause this?

Thanks in advance.


It looks like you are trying to track test events in real time.
In GA4 you need to use debugview, the events should be displayed there. The same applies to Facebook, in debug mode the events will be displayed in “Test events” tab (but make sure that FB tag has the correct Test ID on the server container, it changes periodically).

Hey Alex,
from how I see it, test and real data is both displayed when using the serverside preview mode. At least I can see both type of hits using normal and incognito mode. The tags are fired, but data is not appearing in analytics - also after hours or even days.
Plus it works when using Analytics as client. That’s what I dont understand.

Look like you are trying to use Data tag/Data tag for sending GA requests.
You should always use the GA tag and GA client for GA requests.
And for FB CAPI, you can use Data tag/Data client or GA tag/GA client.

Hey Denis,
then I misunderstood what you wanted to achieve with the data tag. I thought that you wanted to provide an alternative data source for everything, which at best cannot be detected by adblockers and the like.

In the long run, that’s correct, but for now, the Data tag supports only our tags, hope later we will support UA/GA4 server tags also.

This is very valuable information that should be added to the Data Tag documentation - I’ve been banging my head against the wall for almost 2 days why it is not working as intended when using Data Tag/Data Client and forward it to GA4

This being said, I think your Data Tag/Clients are great - hope you add the feature soon!