Data Tag/Data Client vs GA4-Event tag/GA4 client

I’m using the Stape’s Data Tag/Data Client combo on GTM-Server.
Here’s my setup:
On the web side, I’m using the Data Tag (Stape) along with the Facebook pixel. The data tag sends the data to the server, and there the Facebook tag sends the data to the meta where the deduplication process happens. This setup is working perfectly. I already have an 8/10 score on the event quality for page views within the Meta events manager.
Now I need to send this data to GA4 and Google Ads.
Do I need the GA4 event tag on the web side?
Do I need the GA4 client on the server side? In this scenario, I would end up with two clients on the server, the Data Client (Stape) and the GA4 Client (default GTM).
In my Data Tag (Stape), I have the following parameter:
x-ga-measurement_id = my GA4 metric ID

Hello @demiank

  1. 8/10 on page_view seems VERY high, do you have user data available on every single page? Make sure you’re not sending some constants

  2. Yes, by default you want to have GA4 tags on the web, GA4 Client on the server etc., indeed this means you have two clients and 2x (or maybe rather roughly 1.5x requests sent to the server). Google Ads will not work properly off of anything but GA4 hits, which kinda of forces you to go with GA4 setup in parallel to whatever you got going with Data Client

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Thanks a lot for the response.
I have a landing page, just a single page, so it’s not too hard to send all the events the way Facebook likes it, haha.
From your explanation, it seems like I’ll always need to have the following setup:
GTM - Web:
Google Tag with the GA4 ID;
For Each Event:
GA4 Event Tag + Data Tag (Stape) for the same event + Facebook Tag for the same event.
GTM - Server:
Clients: Data Client + GA4 Client;
Tags: Facebook API + GA4 config + Google Ads conversions.
I guess the Data Client/Data Tag combo can send this data to other platforms outside of Google, like TikTok, LinkedIn, etc…
Thanks again.