Data Tag Container

Hi Ira,

In your github templates for GTM Web it injects:

What is it doing by injecting this?

How can I avoid sending any data to stape?

This Script is needed for sending “POST” requests and hashing data.
There are no options for sending “POST” requests without an external script in WEB GTM. That’s why all other vendors load their scripts for user tracking. (due to very limited GTM web functionality)

You can switch to the “GET” request type in tag settings. In this case, dtag.js will not load, but also store, hash, and send DataLayer functionality will not work, however, you will be able to send custom/user parameters to GTM SS.

@Denis Thanks for the response.

How can I host in on my own domain and point all the stape tags to that?

There is no easy way to do that. You need to modify the code of the template and its permissions.

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