Data Layer item_id is different than Merchant Value


I was checking my first Shopify implementation and I’ve noticed that the Stape App pushes a different item_id value compared to the one available in Merchant or pushed by native Shopify data layer.

The Data Layer push by Stape

The Data Layer push by native Shopify

My issue is that the Item ID available in Merchant Center is not formatted the same way as Stape App pushes it.

In fact, the Item ID value in Merchant Center is the same one as the one pushed by native Shopify App.

Now, I can of course try to implement a custom Data Layer via Customer Event code, but I would prefer to avoid this way.

My question: how do you pull the item_id value ? Which variable is used by the Stape App for this?

Stape app uses data that is available in Shopify pixel api, you can find documentation on it here:

Item id, sku & variant id are only available in one variation per item in it.
So in your case you need to either change the IDs you have in merchant centre integration or have your own custom data layer with id you needed.

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Hi @Alex ,

Thanks for your reply.
At the end, I’ve advanced with my own custom data layer and GTM code via a customer events custom pixel.

Here’s a code snippet vor a view_item event in case others will need it.

analytics.subscribe("product_viewed", (event) => {
    const startTime =;
    const productData =;
    if (productData) {
      const ecommerceEvent = {
        event: "view_item",
        ecommerce: {
          items: [{
            id: `shopify_${getCountryCode(productData.price.currencyCode)}_${}_${}`,
            google_business_vertical: 'retail',
            item_name: productData.product.title,
            affiliation: productData.product.vendor,
            item_variant: productData.title,
            price: productData.price.amount
          currency: productData.price.currencyCode,
          value: productData.price.amount,
          content_ids: [`shopify_${getCountryCode(productData.price.currencyCode)}_${}_${}`], // Adding formatted content_ids
          total_item_quantity: 1 // Adding total item quantity as 1 for a single product viewed
        timestamp: event.timestamp,

      pushEcommerceData("view_item", ecommerceEvent, startTime);
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Hi @andreib, looks good!