Data Client tag Template don't work

I get a message where it says the tag needs data.gtmOnSuccess() or data.gtmOnFailure()

How to fix this?

Going to use it for our blog: But won’t write something that’s not correct…

I’ve instead tried to use GA4 as the Data tag and used the GA4 Client for this configuration. In here, I could type exactly which event parameters I wanted and name them as I wanted. I think this alternative to the Data Tag and Data Client templates would work fine for all that need to send custom data to Server GTM!

Hi Benjamin,

Could you elaborate a little bit please? Where exactly are you getting that message?
Ideally a screenshot of the inside of tag and/or full view of fired tag in debug mode would be best to figure it out.

Data Tag is used by literally hundreds of people here and it does work, I assure you :slight_smile:


Thats also why it seemed to be in that specific tag Manager account.

The error messages appeared in the Console, but now everything looks fine, so maybe it was a temporary bug. :smiley: