Data Client Showing unhashed user data but data tag transformation on

For some reason I’m seeing unhashed user data in the data client, but I set the transformation in the data tag to sha-256 digest (base 64 encoded). Am I misunderstanding something regarding the transformation?


I can confirm this bug.
We will fix it and get back to you. Thanks for reporting.

Great, thanks for the reply - do you have an estimated time for a fix? Curious so we can properly use

We should fix this not later than 1 of September.

Hi @sidera!
I have created PR with a fix, can you please check and confirm that now all things work as expected?
You can find an updated template here.

Hello, @Kostia,

Do I need to update Data Tag manually?
Since I have the tag via Template Gallery, as far as I know if I import it now, all future updates I will have to install manually.
Is that correct?


Hi, fix will be merged today, and you will be able to update the tag via Template Gallery.

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