Data Client - Local storage not working?

Hi guys,

I have a question about local storage data thanks to data Client tag (web + server);

I logged in and I made a purchase on my client’s shop;
no client data is showing up in the local storage;
I quite don’t understand why (also because in this checkout process you have to login, otherwise you can’t purchase);

The server help desk said that there is no cors policy or firewall restrinctions;
(but the truth is that I will be more confident with your feedback about this kind of things);

Cookiebot is configured so maybe you have to accept cookie in order to test :slight_smile:

here’s the url;

Hey @giovanni_fabbrocino at which point on the URL provided are you trying to write to Local Storage?

Hi @Dan ,

thanks for the answer;
tipically from this url because this is where the user has filled in all the informations;

also this purchase url because it’s the thank you page;

however, I know that local storage informations stay “alive” during the entire user’s sessions, am I wrong?
I linked the staging site, here you have some test credentials to login.


Many thanks!

so where in here do I input the info? I only see email banner closer to the bottom

Sorry @Dan ,

I didn’t explain my self correctly;

Generally, on every installation, after a purchase, I can see in the local storage the client’s data;
In this site, after a purchase, I can’t find any client’s data in the local storage;
So the client put the info in the checkout pages;

So I think it’s necessary to purchase something;
In order to achieve this, I sended the staging link and the credentials so you can test it easily;
So you can put informations in the checkout pages;

this could be a good framework to understand what’s wrong?

Many thanks

So how this question is related to Data Client then?

The sites you see user_data in Local Storage on, have that logic coded. You don’t get it automatically from having a Data Tag / Data Client.

Hi Dan,

the sites where I can see user_data in Local storage on, haven’t that logic coded: I’m talking about classic worpdress with only gtm4wp plugin installed and nothing else;
or custom site with php or shopify store (without stape app);

we achieve this logic only using Data Tag / Data Client and Server side;

so I quite don’t understand why we can’t achieve the same on this site

Many thanks :slight_smile:

@giovanni_fabbrocino you’re giving me confusing information each time:

  1. Data Tag has an ability to write to Local Storage
  2. Item 1 has nothing to do with presence of user_data in Local Storage
  3. gtm4wp plugin is what pushes user_data to the dataLayer (and maybe to LC as well, I don’t recall)

Given the above, what exactly can’t you achieve?

  • If you have issues with item 1 - give me an example of where you attempt to write to Local Storage with DataTag and fail.

  • If your issue is that the site doesn’t have a local storage object with user_data then this has nothing to do with Data Tag/Data Client

Hi @Dan ,

I’m trying to do my best to be more clear as possible, we are saying the same thing but in a different way :slight_smile:


  • item 1 (you mean this? ), has a user_data push into dataLayer in the purchase thank you page;

I attempt to write in the local storage: city, country, email_address, first_name, last_name, phone_number, postal_code, region, street

I’m trying to understand why, after a purchase, there’s no user_data written in the local storage but only in the dataLayer;

Many thanks

okay now that we’re on a common ground, please give me examples of you doing that, such as:

  • GTM screenshots
  • console and LC when you’re attempting it
  • console and LC on the ty-page

high-level I see nothing preventing it from happening:

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 17.49.07