Customer loader


I am facing some issues when I use custom loader (script generated in Stape dashboard).

When I insert this script with my custom domain, then I don’t get any hits in Google Analytics 4.

When test it in debug view, I can see that it send the pageviews and events, but I have waited for more than 24 hours now and I still don’t see the traffic in my Google Analytics 4.

I have another website were I just inserted the web container tag, and that works like it should.

Does anyone else face the same issue or have a solution for this?

Hi Rami,

If you see data in GA4 debug - it should also go into the analytics itself. There is often a delay of up to 48 hours in displaying data in GA4. I would suggest waiting longer.

I will give it a try, but I also found out that I did not check the “Send to servercontainer” in my GA4 tag in the web container - so maybe that could be the issue also?

Also I found out that the tag in the server container wasn’t set up to trigger the client.

Could you mean that would also be a issue?

This means that your GA4 queries did not go through the server container, but are sent directly to analytics. That is, the events must be delivered to GA4 in any case.

Okay, but I have set it up to go trough the server container now.
But what concerns me is that since a have inserted my custom loader script to the website I haven’t received any data in GA4 since the tag has been inserted.

And I only have this tag on the website. But when I test it in “Network” in my inspect tool, I can find the web container tag ID and also my GA4 ID.

So you recommend I give it another 24 hours to see?

You can also check everything by running the web and server preview and see if events are coming to the GA4 debug view. If they go there, there should be no problem.
Changing the custom loader does not technically change the way GTM works - it just helps to minimize blocking through Adblockers and similar plugins. If there is something wrong with the custom loader - you won’t load the container to the site at all and then you will see this in network/console error and also the preview won’t open because it won’t find the container.

Events are coming to the debug view, that’s why I don’t understand that the data is not showing in GA4.

But I will give it some time (48 hours) and if does not show in GA4 I will try and change the container to web container instead of custom loader script.

Hello Rami,

So long as you see successful hits to GA4 in network - that means that your web container was successfully loaded which in turn means that custom loader has done it’s job.

It is absolutely normal that you see event in debug view but not in the property itself. You could try and catch those in ‘Real-time overview’ but after like ~30 min they will disappear. GA4 has up to 48h latency, it makes little sense to look at events for ‘today’

Patience is the key, I have all the data :slight_smile:
Thank you for input @Alex and @Dan